Protecting land in Beaufort County

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Since 1999, the Beaufort County Rural and Critical Land Preservation Program has saved thousands of acres in Beaufort County from Development. The program was able to do this after Beaufort County residents voted yes in 2000 and again in 2006 to a bond referendum putting money aside for the purpose of protecting land.

This year, on Election Day, November 6, Beaufort County voters will be asked again to continue what was started in 2000. To learn more about what the Rural and Critical Land Preservation has accomplished over the last 12 years, go to and view the new website.

“The program is protecting the culture, environment and economy of Beaufort County. If the program’s past accomplishment is any indication of its future success, then Beaufort residents should be both proud of what’s been done to date and excited by future preservation possibilities,” said Garrett James Budds with Beaufort County Open Land Trust.