Playmakers: Battery Creek High School football

• Senior Running Back (#33) DJ Franklin was chosen as the Battery Creek Offensive Player of the Week for his outstanding performance in the Dolphin’s opening round playoff win versus Waccamaw on November 5th. DJ rushed for 81 yards and several key first downs that kept Dolphin drives alive to secure the 21-13 win. The win marks the third time in school history that the Dolphins have won a playoff game. DJ also plays outside linebacker on defense and is a kick returner for the Dolphins. Coach Shuman stated: “DJ is a tremendous guy. He understands his role on the team and comes in and delivers every time the team needs him. He has been a great asset to the team this year.”
• Senior defensive linemen (#51) Michael Harbin was chosen as the Battery Creek defensive player of the week in the Dolphin’s 21-13 playoff win. Michael graded out at 85% and recorded 3 solo tackles, 2 assists, and 2 tackles for loss. Coach Shuman stated, “Anytime you have someone of Michael’s size and strength in the middle, you are going to have a successful night on defense. He is a great player.”
• Senior defensive linemen (#99) Willie Doe continued his outstanding season in the Dolphin’s 21-13 win over Waccamaw. Willie graded out at 90% and recorded 5 tackles and 3 assists. Most importantly he had outstanding  hustle all game long fighting off blocks and making plays all over the field. The coaching staff selected Willie as the teams’ most valuable player in the team’s win. Coach Shuman stated “Willie is a special player with amazing talents. He always promises they will not score again and they never do. Willie leads our team and our defense and has been an integral part of our success this year. He and all the seniors will be greatly missed when the season is over.”
• Junior inside linebacker (#81) Chris Daigle was awarded the team’s sideline award for his efforts during the Dolphins first round playoff win over Waccamaw. The sideline award recognizes the player who is always right there when you need them and provides strong positive energy to those on the sideline. Chris is a reserve middle linebacker and also plays wide receiver for the Dolphins. Coach Shuman stated “Chris is a talented player with a heart of gold.”

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