Picture Day at Beaufort Dog

The dogs at Beaufort Dog Day School will be posing this week for their picture day with local photographer Misty Smith.  This is the first time, as we know, that school picture day has extended beyond the traditional schools and included our four-legged friends.

“It is a bit of a challenge to get them to pose, but a squeaky toy works nicely,” says owner Kelley Blackston.  In addition to individual shots, the school (Beaufort Dog) will offer class pictures, a school poster, and year book.

“Many of these dogs are their owner’s children. These owners, as well as us, the faculty, want a book and class pictures to remember each dog and group just like we do our two-legged children.” says owner Kelley Blackston, who used to be a public school teacher in Beaufort County.

The picture days will continue next week to ensure “perfect attendance.”

For more details, call or e-mail Kelley at 812-5394 or kelley@beaufortdog.com.


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