Perspective shapes our experiences, colors our world


Even if the grass isn’t greener, it will always appear so in the right light. The spectral composition has us all viewing life differently depending on the light source. Underneath the warm sun, blue skies seem clear, while we see gray from the inside of a dusty window. The kaleidoscope of perspective holds the power to illuminate or darken dismally.

October brings golden hues lingering with summer’s weakening grasp as Mother Nature dances between warmth and the chillier side of seasons. The temperatures vary from smoldering to crisp, leaving us begging for one or the other; consistency is comfortable and predictability plush.

Few events bring such a temperamental month to account more than planning a child’s birthday party. Born in a month that brings threats of hurricanes, promises of pumpkins, and the most extraordinary wardrobe woes, my little one had but one request, a pool party. The one choice that assures battling ambiguity was the only choice for her, how familiar.

Every parent knows the difference between a whim and a soulful plea one is a harmonic mention while the other leans against the wall of childhood dreams. To her, summer birthdays are the greener grass. Hesitantly, I looked into her fall-colored eyes and vowed sunshine even on a cloudy day.

The week teetered from simmering to a steady boil, fully prepping the stage for a lovely swim. Then it happened, Mother Nature woke up on the wrong side of summer, sending an uninvited chill ensuring a less than refreshing dip. Convinced all attendees would be disappointed in Summer’s defeat, I sat down to prepare the miniature version of me.

Her freckled nose scrunched in confusion as I explained the turn of events. Bracing for impact from the rubble of shattered dreams, she taught me more about perspective than I thought possible.

“Momma, it’s OK, it’s just cold water. If we all jump in together, we will be fine. We just have to stay close and keep moving.”

Absolutely sure she would be the only one to see the sunny side of things, I did my very best to proceed with her special request.

One by one, fellow freckled faces arrived with impenetrable enthusiasm, towels in hand marching into battle with fierce resolve. Just as my little one said, they joined hands, leapt into the reality of failed plans, and rose victorious. A squeal heard around the world, or at least the community, brought its own type of warmth, huddled in happiness. The cold was no match. I saw a shaded pool. She saw an adventure.

The light source from which we view makes all the difference. Children remind us that the light from within can color our world, maybe not heat it, but artfully color it. At the end of the day, October was October, children were children, and the cake was cake. Perspective is the most powerful thing shaping our experiences and coloring our world.

Cherimie Crane Weatherford is the owner/founder of SugarBelle, a long-time real estate broker and a lover of the obscurities of southern culture. To contact her with praise and adoration, email CCWIslandNews@gmail.com. To complain, call your local representative.

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