Pardon me, but your self-confidence is showing

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By Takiya Smith
It’s been said, and so I’ve been told, that self-confidence is one of the sexiest, most attractive traits that a woman can possess. Exhibiting a healthy balance of self-esteem, a confident character and the unshakable ability to believe in oneself is nothing short of magnetizing. Like a moth to a flame, self-confidence is the flickering, yet ever glowing and awe inspiring light that draws attention.
Being confident in any arena — whether it be your personal looks, your quirky personality, your eccentric style of dress, a relationship or even the position, talent or business that you hold — only seeks to excel you. Finding your place of total and personal freedom, unhindered from the binds, set backs and casualties of societal judgment and preconceived notions can be liberating. Getting to that place oftentimes can be easier said than done, yet it can be done.
Learning to have faith in what you believe in leads to confidence in what you do, and having confidence in what you do shows through in what you say and who you are. Who you are is your personal patent in which only you have the ability, authority and rights to market. It’s your time to shine.
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