PalmettoPride announces Clean Teams

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PalmettoPride has created Clean Teams to provide South Carolina citizens with a framework to facilitate participation in long-term pickup efforts. Clean Teams expands on the organization’s Community Cleanup program by inviting groups to adopt special areas to monitor and pick up litter throughout the year.

“We created Clean Teams to offer across-the-board adoption programs to compliment Adopt-A-Highway and other local Keep America Beautiful initiatives” said Sarah Lyles, Director of PalmettoPride, adding that “there is a need for smaller areas to be adopted along with our state roads”.

PalmettoPride houses the state Keep America Beautiful (KAB) affiliate and manages Adopt-A-Highway. While many counties have volunteer adoption programs, there are areas that do not have a framework for citizens who want to be a part of a bigger effort. Clean Teams fills a need for neighborhood, park and waterway adoption, among other areas that volunteers hold dear.

A special feature of Clean Teams is the stream and waterway adoption option called Clean Teams Streams. Special mesh bags are available that can be attached to personal watercraft and allow for trash to stay in the bag while water flows through the holes. Clean Teams require a team captain and four (4) litter pickups a year. Signs will not be available like Adopt-A-Highway, but each team’s name will be listed on PalmettoPride’s website.

PalmettoPride will defer teams to existing local programs and Keep America Beautiful affiliates where applicable. PalmettoPride can help volunteers navigate through the various cleanup programs to match their desires with the right program.

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