Palmetto Hospital Trust rewards Beaufort Memorial


Beaufort Memorial Hospital has done such a good job keeping its employees safe from workplace accidents, it was recently rewarded with a check for $261,897 from Palmetto Hospital Trust, the hospital’s workers’ compensation self-insurance pool. The organization’s emphasis on preventing lifting injuries, trips and falls, injuries from sharp objects and helping injured workers return to work as soon as their condition permits, earned the hospital the refund.

“Beaufort Memorial Hospital and other Palmetto Hospital Trust members are benefiting from effective loss prevention strategies, including an emphasis on preventing lifting injuries, and widespread implementation of transitional duty programs,” said Larry Gray, PHT Services Executive Vice President for Claims and Risk Management (pictured here presenting the check to members of the BMH staff). “In addition, they are diligent about reporting claims promptly.”

PHT Services administers the workers’ compensation program for Beaufort Memorial Hospital and other South Carolina hospitals and health care organizations participating in the Palmetto Hospital Trust.

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