Our children are not collateral damage 


One woman ran passed armed officials to save two children from hell. She didn’t wait for instruction, approval, or help. Angeli Rose Gomez drove 40 miles, resisted authority, and sprinted into a building wrecked with gunfire for one reason only. She is a mother; her children were in danger. 

Stop the niceties, political correctness, and promises of change. At this point, politics makes me ill, thoughts and prayers make me angry, and words will never ease the pain of a mother with empty arms. 

It isn’t working. We may not know what to do, but we know what doesn’t work. 

Rage boils deep inside parents all across this land; we are tired. Stop telling us to trust the system. Stop wasting money on political signs and put it into mental health services. 

Want to garner respect? Get out from behind the podium and stand in front of our child’s school. Make every school have a class dedicated to mental health. Give our schools the same level of security government leadership enjoys. Stop fighting each other and fight for our children. 

Please forgo the expensive dinners, rallies, and fundraisers. I have no desire to shake your hand if it has not reached between my child and danger. We don’t need more speeches or overpriced commercials touting decency and nobility with red and white ties against suits of indifference. 

You told us to mask our children to protect them, and we did so. You told us to keep our children away from family and friends to protect them; we listened. Constantly we are inundated with so many instructions against motherhood’s very essence, and we fall in line. We second guess our instincts and defer to those entrusted to lead, and it leads nowhere. 

Our children are not collateral damage in a battle of power. A child’s safety is not negotiable, debatable, or secondary to a political agreement. Get a lock on every door, make mental health as necessary as Friday night football, and defend our children as fiercely as you defend your position. 

Teachers lost their lives. Mothers and fathers were gutted. We do not need to look across oceans for unwarranted devastation; it is in the halls of our schools. We need not look for victims of war; their nap mats lie empty. 

Cherimie Crane Weatherford is the owner/founder of SugarBelle, a long-time real estate broker and a lover of the obscurities of southern culture. To contact her with praise and adoration, email CCWIslandNews@gmail.com. To complain, call your local representative. 

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