Ophthalmologist uses cutting edge cataract technology

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Dr. Richard Akers, of Atlantic Ophthalmology, is the first ophthalmologist in Beaufort to perform surgery using an exciting new technology that helps reduce low-light and nighttime glare for cataract patients.
These breakthrough acrylic lenses, by Bausch & Lomb, are called Akreos IOL. Not only do they help reduce glare and produce excellent post-operative vision, patients also heal faster because only a small incision is needed to insert the lenses.
Additionally, Akers was the first ophthalmologist in Beaufort to implant the Acrysof ReSTORZ IOL. This technology from Alcon can correct visual problems caused by cataracts and presbyopia, a condition in which the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus, making it difficult to see objects up close. This surgery also often eliminates the need for post-operative glasses.
Akers is at the forefront of lens selection and is committed to staying ahead of the curve surgically so that his patients have access to lenses that best suit their lifestyles.
Atlantic Ophthalmology provides medical and surgical treatment of eye disease, using the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment while respecting the safety and care of its patients. In addition to routine eye examinations and prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses, Atlantic Ophthalmology provides top-quality services to treat a range of eye problems, including  cataracts,  glaucoma,  dry eye,   macular degeneration,  diabetic retinopathy and corneal disease.
Atlantic Ophthalmology is located at 1094 Ribaut Road in Beaufort. For more information, call 843-524-2888, or visit www.akerseyemd.com, www.facebook.com/akerseyemd or www.twitter.com/akerseyemd.

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