On that September Day: A 9/11 Poem

By Skyler Nuelle, seventh grader at BA

How sweet the sound
Sirens Screaming to Save
The voices Seem to repeat “Oh My God, Oh My God”
They Whisper, They Pray, They speak
To say good-bye
To whom they love, to whom they seek
On That September Day
That saved a wretch like me
Our heroes put out the flames,
The flames burning in our heart that we will not live
That our mothers, fathers, friends, and family will perish
On that September Day
I Once was Lost
In a state of mind,
In which we call hopelessness
That we have given up,
That we will die
On that September Day
But now I am found
They pulled me out of the dust,
The debris, the hopelessness
And now I live
On that September Day
Was Blind
The smoke
My eyelids slowly closed shut
As I fell into a deep sleep
That many did not wake
A sleep, a nightmare, reality
On that September Day
T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear
And I understood
Understood what my heart and God were telling me
To live, to pray, and to love
On that September Day
And grace, my fears relieved
And I shall live with no fears
To pray to shine a light in the blackness
To love all I have and all I know
On that September Day
How precious did that grace appear
The men,
The women that saved our lives
The angels they shined a glimpse of hope in the blackness
And then silence,
We open our eyes
And all think the same thought
And see the same thing
And a tear drops down our faces
Plane, Smoke, Hell
And the Majestic Eagle was shot
And came crashing down, down, down
On that September day
When our nations hope was severed
Our cry was louder
Our prayers deeper
Their lives were taken
And we were stronger
On that September day

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