Obituary – July 13th

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Peggy Sanford

Peggy Sanford, the mother of U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford, R-SC, died on July 8 at the family farm in Beaufort County.

“My mom died at about 6 a.m.,” Sanford wrote in a Facebook post. “She was at the farm, surrounded by family. She was 93 and an incredible lady. … She was radiant in her joy for life and warmth for others. …

“It’s frightening to think of the number of meals cooked, sheets washed, corners cleaned, diapers changed, bedtime prayers made, Boy Scout, cross country, football, soccer and track meets attended, school functions … times one thousand other things that went into building the lives of me and my three siblings, her 12 grandchildren, her many friends … or any of the 1,000 people we all brought back with us to the farm over the years!

“In short, her efforts, her love and zest for life, her warmth, her smile, and much more will sorely be missed by all who were blessed to know her.”

Funeral arrangements were not available at press time.