Non-Profit Group, ABLE, Raises Funds for DSN Courtyard Garden

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ABLE, the Lowcountry Disabilities Foundation, Inc., is sponsoring development of a courtyard garden for the new Beaufort County Disabilities and Special Needs Building which will open in Burton this summer.

Foundation leaders hope to raise $25,000 to cover the cost of the garden by selling bricks in honor of a business, individual or organization or in remembrance of a loved one. The garden has been designed by volunteers and is intended to provide a peaceful outdoor space where special needs consumers  can enjoy the beauty of nature. It will be landscaped with native plants and will have benches, a fountain, bird feeders and pave walkways.

The new DSN building will include a day program for special needs people and administrative offices for DSN staff. Funds for landscaping the courtyard were not included in the budget. For more information, call Mitzi Wagner, DSN Director at (843) 255-6290.

Note to Media: Please review the attached materials prepared by ABLE.



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