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Change in filing deadline for state income tax returns
The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) will honor the April 17th individual income tax filing deadline set by the Internal Revenue Service. Since April 15 falls on a Sunday, and Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C. (a DC-only holiday) is observed on Monday, April 16, the official filing deadline will move to the following business day which is Tuesday, April 17. SCDOR will honor the federal due date but will not change forms to reflect the April 17th deadline. This deadline applies to any income tax return or payment normally due on April 15th; it also applies to the deadline for requesting a tax-filing extension. South Carolina taxpayers who file and pay electronically have until May 1, 2012 to do so without penalty or interest being assessed. The May 1st deadline does not apply to federal returns or to SC taxpayers who file paper returns.

SCDMV hosts driver suspension eligibility week
The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced today the upcoming Driver Suspension Eligibility Week for drivers with certain license suspensions. The program will be held March 5-9, 2012 in all DMV offices across the state and in six offices on Saturday, March 10th.
During Driver Suspension Eligibility Week, South Carolina drivers who have lost their driving privileges for suspensions included in the program may be able to reduce or clear the remaining time of their suspension. The program will assist the following types of suspended drivers:
• Underage drivers suspended for excessive points.
• Those suspended for operating an unlicensed taxi or vehicle.
• Drivers suspended for operating an uninsured vehicle that they did not own .
• Those suspended for operating or allowing operation of an uninsured vehicle.
• Drivers suspended for driving under suspension, excluding alcohol or drug related convictions.
To qualify for the program, drivers must meet all of the conditions of their suspensions. All fees must be paid and SR-22 insurance must be filed, if required. If a driver has more than one suspension, DMV will recalculate the suspension time. Drivers with suspensions not covered by the program will still need to serve that suspension. Drivers who have a clear record may apply for a driver’s license. Depending on the type of suspension, they may be required to take the vision, knowledge and road skills tests before getting a new driver’s license. For more information, visit the SCDMV Web site at www.scdmvonline.com.

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