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County reminder: Clean up after your pets

Cleaning up after your pet helps protect water quality, your health and the health of your pet. Dog waste contains two and half times the amount of bacteria as in human waste.

Not only is leaving pet waste on the ground bad for the environment, it is against the law.  Beaufort County Ordinance Chapter 38, Article II, Sections 38-35, prohibits residents from throwing litter, like animal waste, into storm drains, ditches, or streams.  All waste must be removed from curbs, yards, parks and other public places otherwise rain will wash the waste and bacteria into our waterways.

Walking your pet is a great physical activity for you and your animal!  Please remember to take a disposal bag with you on your walk.  Dispose of pet waste properly in your household garbage or toilet.

In an effort to educate new pet owners,  Beaufort County Stormwater, Clemson Extension, Carolina Clear, Palmetto Pride and Beaufort County Solid Waste and Recycling are giving newly adopting dog owners at the Beaufort County Animal Shelter, a doggie waste bag carrier and an educational flyer.

If you have concerns or questions, call Beaufort County Stormwater at 843-255-2805 or email wstormwater@bcgov.net.


BJWSA addresses odor, taste problems in water  

Officials at Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority (BJWSA) announced Feb. 5 that they took the reservoir near the Chelsea Water Treatment Plant “offline” in an effort to solve recent “earthy” taste and odor problems in northern Beaufort County’s drinking water. Test results indicate that the substance causing the taste and odor was found primarily in the reservoir. BJWSA bypassed the reservoir and is using water only from its canal. Water at the plant is returning to its normal taste and odor.

BJWSA staff conducted a series of tests throughout the canal and reservoir system and identified the cause of the earthy taste and odor as geosmin, a naturally occurring organic compound that has a distinct earthy smell. The tests revealed elevated geosmin levels in the reservoir, and BJWSA began bypassing the reservoir on February 2. Field crews are working in the distribution system to speed delivery of water that is free from taste and odor.

BJWSA will continue to monitor its canal and reservoir for the presence of odor causing substances. The authority hired Hazen and Sawyer, a consulting firm, to study their entire water treatment system in an effort to find long term solutions for taste and odor problems. The firm and BJWSA staff are currently developing the odor reduction plan, which is due by March.

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