New chiropractor in town

Dr. Kristie Wallace, doctor of chiropractic, is now available to see you at Beaufort Chiropractic located on 703 Bladen Street. She is originally from the St. Louis area, and is truly honored and excited to be servicing the town of Beaufort. She is an Air Force veteran and served for five years as a civil engineer.
Dr. Kristie loves the outdoors from whitewater rafting to kayaking, snowboarding, scuba diving, and hiking.  She also loves her career.  She knew she wanted to be a chiropractor at age 15 when she was in a medical shadowing course her freshman year of high school. She shadowed a chiropractor in a small Illinois town and realized that was her future career. “I’ve always had a fascination with the human body and how it functions,” Wallace said.
After her service in the military, she pursued her dream of being a chiropractor.  Dr. Wallace loves helping from treating people everyday to volunteering in the community.  “If you have a volunteer opportunity, count me in!”  She will be joining the local Sea Island Rotary.
Dr. Kristie uses a myriad of chiropractic techniques to fit your health and wellness needs along with a vast knowledge of nutrition and enzyme therapies.  Dr. Kristie received her undergraduate degree in human biology, and then went to four years of graduate school at Logan College of Chiropractic. She is focused on the entire family from newborns to grandparents. She treats back pain, headaches, extremities, hormonal and enzymatic dysfunctions, athletes and wellness care.
Beaufort Chiropractic also offers massage therapy and acupuncture. Keep an eye out for future nutritional workshops or call for an appointment today 522-1115.

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