Never miss a package again

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By Lee Scott

The other night while we were watching the news, the dog started to bark at something at the front door. When I checked, I did not see anyone. 

Then my cell phone pinged with a text message. It was from Macy’s, and it read, “Your package has arrived.”  

That is when I realized the dog must have heard both the UPS truck and the driver dropping off the package. Sure enough, the box was sitting right outside. 

With all the new technology, along with our cell phones, we never have to miss a delivered package. It was amazing to watch the tracking of the order. First there was the message from Macy’s confirming my order of slippers and pajamas — Christmas presents for grandchildren. Then came the message, “Your order has been shipped.”  They even provided me with a tracking number, so I could follow it through the UPS system. 

“Ah,” I said to my husband the day before. “My package is in North Carolina now.” 

It felt like tracking Santa Claus around the world when I was a child. 

“Where is he now?” we would ask my father. 

He would point at the world globe in the living room.   

“Based on my calculations, I believe he is in Iceland now.” 

Dad would have loved the new Santa Trackers. 

It is different now. Not only do we get notified about packages, but our doctor’s appointments too. Last week I got an e-mail confirming an upcoming appointment. Then I got a text. 

“Please confirm you are coming to the appointment. Write ‘Yes’ for attending or ‘No’ if you wish to cancel.” 

Then came the phone call two days before the actual appointment date: “Just a reminder, you have an appointment in two days.”

I am quite sure this activity is due to the doctor’s busy schedules.  They want to make sure patients are really going to show up for the appointment. Life is busy for all of us and sometimes things like appointments get away from us. Even my hairdresser Kelly does a unique notification. She texts: “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning at 9:30.” To which I always reply, “Can’t wait!” You can be sure I do not reply with that same kind of enthusiasm to my doctor’s office.  

Yet with all the notifications, things sometimes do go wrong. Packages get delivered to the wrong house, and even the doctor’s office must cancel a confirmed appointment occasionally.  But we have decided to pay a little more attention to Brandy’s barking. She may be right. After all, it could be one of our neighbor’s missing packages sitting on our front porch.  

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