My Christmas letter


By Cherimie Crane Weatherford

After browsing numerous stores, clicking to the point of carpel tunnel syndrome, I wave the white flag of God Daughter gifts. Trinkets, gowns, jewelry and keepsakes of various construction seem to pale in the light of my responsibility, my vision and my honor of holding such a tremendous title. In the midst of my shopping surrender, I give but a simple letter to the tiniest hands I have ever held, hoping that our role in her life begins with the spirit of Christmas.

My Dearest Ellie Grace,

The entire world is tinseled and trimmed, bells ring sweetly the soundtrack for a season of hope, faith and all things missing throughout the year.

Decorations of white, silver and gold signify to all that joy is contagious and necessary. Distant friends and family travel the often rare road home to stir the stew of love and laughter.

Grandmas shine as each tribute walks through the door; mothers’ eyes glisten with tears during introductions of tiny kin, and fathers swell with pride as the roots of the family tree run deep.

As you grow, you will see the many colors of Christmas, the shades and tones that brighten and fade as years pass. Velvet bows and ribbons of red will wrap tightly toys and dolls carefully selected with your smile in mind. A tree of memories and magic will light your home as a collection of your most precious moments. Keepsakes and treasures wrapped in tradition will be placed in your tiny hands by those who watch over you as colors fade.

Santa Claus will be evident whether or not the sleigh is seen, the chimney disturbed or the reindeer reign. The very excitement of Santa will consume your slumber, ignite your imagination and guard your behavior. Santa Claus is real, Ellie Grace.

You will see Santa ringing a bell to remind those who have of those who have-not, encouraging gifts of a different kind. Santa has a way of filling the church halls with busy Moms and Dads who bow their heads, even if just for one day. Santa will visit little boys and girls whose bodies aren’t as strong as their hearts. Santa will collect food for hungry families and inspiration for hungry souls. Santa will help puppies find homes, hospitals find healing and chaos find peace. Santas of every shape and every size will serve as symbols of the colors of Christmas. Some Santas are seen and some live only in the hearts of children big and small.

I have seen Santa, Ellie Grace. Santa Claus is the spirit of happiness, the strength of giving and love of family. Santa hides in giggles, dances in pajamas and curls up with Mom and Dad. As you begin your very own Christmas Story, may all your colors be Merry and Bright.

P.S.: If anyone ever hurts you in anyway, I will plow over them like a dried corn field.

The end.

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