Mossy Oaks project on schedule, under budget

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The good news abounds in this week’s Mossy Oaks Project update.

First of all, despite the weather, the multi-million-dollar project remains on schedule and on budget, according to Mossy Oaks Multijurisdictional Drainage Task Force Chair Neal Pugliese, Col. USMC, Ret.

Secondly, the Spanish Moss Trail in Basin I from Rogers to Broome is now open.

Basin 1 

Final adjustments are being made to the tidal flap gates, which will better protect against floods. The rain delayed some minor drainage work this week, and next week’s weather forecast looks similar.

But as soon as the weather breaks, work toward these last minor drainage improvements will continue.

When there is a break in the weather, residents can expect additional work in and around the Duck Pond area, Battery Creek Road, Coates Lane, and North Royal Oaks.

Basin 2 

Work on the drainage system on the Spanish Moss Trail between Riverside Drive and Brotherhood Lane made progress this week despite the weather. All three massive head walls, and three sets of 60-inch pipes running under the trail have been installed.

The trail is almost completely filled back in. Weather permitting, three tidal flap gates will be installed next week. Following that, the temporary coffer dam will be removed and the trail will be repaved and opened.

It is anticipated that a fully functional drainage system will be activated in about two weeks – well ahead of hurricane season.

Tree trimming

Dominion Energy will be working in the entire Mossy Oaks area this coming week to trim trees. This project, done every few years, helps to protect the life and safety of people and property, while preventing service outages caused by trees that come in contact with the power lines, particularly during storms.

Please refer to the City’s website for additional information on Dominion Energy’s efforts in the Mossy Oaks area:


The project enjoyed another week of perfect safety, according to Pugliese.

“We thank the men and women of the Beaufort Police Department and the area motorists for their efforts,” Pugilese wrote. “Please remember that Dominion Energy is working in the entire Mossy Oaks area. They will have heavy machinery and trucks in the area. Please allot extra time when transiting the area.”

Stay informed

Pugilese said he’s had the pleasure to chat with many residents this week regarding progress and what to expect in the weeks to follow. He reiterated all calls and emails are welcome.

“All of your issues are important,” he wrote, “and they will be addressed as rapidly and as fully as possible.”

Those affected or interested in the Mossy Oaks Project should register with the “Notify Me” application found on the City of Beaufort website ( and subscribe to the Mossy Oaks Stormwater Project updates

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