Meet the Greenbug System and say good-bye to pesky pests

There’s a new ‘buzz’ going around Beaufort these days and it isn’t coming from pests. The buzz is about the Greenbug System and I hear if you have one in your yard, you DON’T have pests.

Local entrepreneurs Louise and Dan Hodges have created the Greenbug System to offer safe, effective and completely natural pest control for mosquitoes, fleas, no-see-ems, fire ants, mole crickets, ticks and garden pests. The Greenbug System lets an irrigation system serve two functions – 1) Regular watering and 2) Automatic pest control. By using a small reservoir of Greenbug Concentrate like an I.V. drip into your irrigation system, creates pest free areas wherever water is directed.

Carolyn Roos of Lady’s Island states, “Before the Greenbug System, my cats had fleas. After the Greenbug System, they do not.”

How does the Greenbug System work? The Greenbug System distributes Greenbug Concentrate through the irrigation system for 2 minutes per zone per day to create a barrier of protection. The active ingredient in Greenbug is cedar – just like in the old cedar chests and closets where you never see a bug. That is because cedar is deadly to pests yet harmless to humans, animals, the environment and beneficial creatures like honey bees and butterflies. By creating a Greenbug barrier, no pests will enter, so your entire yard (and home) is pest-free.

With more than 100 Greenbug Systems installed in Beaufort County, the buzz keeps growing as customers discover pest free living here in Beaufort. John and Joanne Davenport of Cat Island have enjoyed being pest free and remarked, “Our only regret is we didn’t get the Greenbug System sooner.”

For more information, contact Greenbug at 843-271-6755 or go to www.GreenbugSystem.com.

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