Maybe I trot the road less traveled because it isn’t as noisy


By Cherimie Crane Weatherford
In the confines and comfort of a small town it is near impossible to avoid the fast as a fire, accurate as an approximation and bigger-as-it-goes contagiously spread news of anything out of the ordinary. I just so happen to specialize in all things unordinary, making many of my ventures, projects and often times my shoes the topic of bar banter or whispers of “What is she thinking?”
Flowing as freely as Nyquil during flu season, I am bombarded by the details of which even I am unaware. Basically, it is fabulous. The sensational speculation is quite good for business. Certainly flattering and an abundance of applause should be given for the creative conjuring of future plans. It’s possibly best that I refrain from sharing the somewhat-less-glamorous truth and the overwhelmingly less exciting day to day grind that is involved in opening a new business.
When the fluff is removed, the shine toned down a bit, all that remains is that I am working my overly exhausted rumpus off on something that all can easily admit is a risk. Any new business is a risk. Unless a poor, unaware soul has been living comfortably underneath a well-worn rock, it is common knowledge that the economy isn’t a welcome wagon for women with an idea. It certainly doesn’t encourage taking risks or building wealth.
But I digress. Maybe I enjoy slamming full speed into a brick wall. It could be that I trot the road less travelled because it isn’t as noisy and/or crowded. Some people self-medicate, some prepare for the end of the world via dehydrated ice cream, and I take business risks. It takes all kinds, y’all.
Anyone who has spent more than 15 seconds with me knows I wouldn’t do well punching a time clock. It isn’t part of my charm to take orders — and fluorescent lighting isn’t in my color wheel. I could never be an office girl. Opening a new business seems like the logical solution to a slightly optimistic, devil-be-damned Southern woman.
SugarBelle is the name, success is the goal and if a little fun occurs between the hard work and mayhem that is taking chances, I can handle it. Should failure knock at my door, I will avoid it like an unwelcomed neighbor. However, if it finds its way inside, I will at least know that I took an idea, a vision and a goal as far as it can be taken instead of just talking about it over cocktails and casseroles. Life is an action verb for me, stagnancy or complacency never looked good with my boots. By some stroke of divine intervention, I succeeded in real estate in a time when success and real estate are at total opposite ends of the spectrum. I do know what hard work is and know just as well the importance of determination.
There are women similar to me in my view of the world, of life in general and of not wanting to wear the same darn thing as everyone else. SugarBelle is for the women who aren’t afraid to take charge, take chances and refuse to take orders. A place where women can laugh sincerely, share honestly and find shoes that won’t send them straight to surgery. Yes, I am opening a new business and I am just crazy enough to believe it is a good idea.
See y’all at SugarBelle.

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