Martial Arts Tournament

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The Lowcountry Warriors Classic brings outstanding martial artists to the Lowcountry from nine states, numerous counties, and many cities within South Carolina. This martial arts tournament will be held Saturday, March 31, and is hosted by Al Yisrael, former U.S. Marine and Shihan (Master Instructor) of the Beaufort Karate Center. Entry fee for each event is $15, or $50 for all events. There’s a $10 spectator fee; children under 5 free. Registration begins at 9 a.m., the tournament will begin promptly at 10 a.m. Al Yisrael is also the director of the Education and Martial Sciences Program that teaches youth to excel in academics while increasing their focus, conflict resolution skills, increase self respect, and self discipline, while instilling an anti-bullying, ant-drugs, anti-gang, and an early teen pregnancy mentality. Special guests Grand Master Ronald Duncan and Grand Master Victor Moore will also attend. For more information, call 843-757-1503 or 843-476-2328.