Makeup must-haves

By Takiya Smith
Last week I was invited to a customer appreciation party by a fellow beauty industry associate. During the event, all the ladies were asked to team up in groups of four and five to play a game. The game consisted of a list of items that were randomly called and each team obtained points according to the number of matching items in their purse. I had entered the party sans a purse but I was quickly redeemed by two of the world’s best makeup “must-haves” teammates.
Out of roughly 30 women, 20 items, six teams and a whole lot of handbags, I sat amazed as I watched my teammates, Sharon and Angie, single-handedly tag team the list of must-haves. Toothpicks, hair brushes, headbands, breath mints, dental floss, quarters dated before 1970, and even tazer stun guns were among the items required that seemed to be an apparent everyday handbag necessity of today’s modern woman.
When the game ended, our team took first place, topping the charts with more than half of the required items being on hand between my teammates’ purses. All in fun, but I left that party wondering if I was the only girl in town who had not yet acquired a cute, hot pink stun gun in my bag of makeup must-haves.
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