Lunch Bunch eats an excellent meal at The Tooting Egret

By Pamela Brownstein
On a glorious autumn afternoon, the Lunch Bunch gathered for a feast at The Tooting Egret, in the old Firehouse building next to the library at 706 Craven St. We joined the other patrons who opted to sit outside and take advantage of last week’s perfect weather.

Grilled lamb chops over couscous.

We were treated to the fine manners and skills of our server Matthew Peeper, who started our table off with a choice of an alvarino white wine or a Syrah red.
He also brought out a bowl of the pureed sweet corn bisque and a bowl of the green gazpacho for the table to sample. The bisque was warm and hearty while the gazpacho was sweet and simple, and both were delicious. (April and I ended up finishing off the bisque together.)
We all tried different main dishes and I can’t say there was a clear winner because everyone loved their meals.
Kim chose the grilled lamb chops served over a bed of couscous. Listed on the menu under “special temptations,” Kim said her shanks were amazing.
Nancy went healthy with the grilled romaine salad and Hooks bleu cheese dressing and a tomato stuffed with foccacia and bacon.
Elizabeth tried another yummy salad: the tea-smoked duck with mango and basil vin over mixed local greens. The presentation alone was beautiful, and she was very well pleased with her choice.
Buck devoured his hearty steak sandwich with boursin cheese and carmelized onions on foccacia bread served with a side of au jus.

Tea smoked duck with mango and basil vin over greens.

I caved to my preggie cravings for meat and cheese and ordered the Southern Hot Brown sandwich. The giant serving came in a shallow bowl with French toast on the bottom and filled with chopped roasted pork loin, pickled green tomatoes, and topped with white cheddar morney sauce. Whoa, it was the ultimate comfort dish and I loved every bite. It also came with a side of potato salad with bacon and cayenne toasted pecans. April and I shared that too.
April’s classic pasta carbonara was popular with everyone. The hot, buttered noodles, whipped egg and cream, bacon and Parmesan dish was outstanding. When she couldn’t finish it all, Elizabeth gladly took over.
Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Matt delighted us with two desserts that were like the soups — each one appealed to opposite sides of the taste spectrum. The slice of fig pie made with a light crust, sweet figs, mascarpone and candied rosemary was unique and tasty and Elizabeth’s favorite. The slice of double fudge pie with homemade raspberry ice cream was a chocolate lover’s dream, which is why it was my favorite. April and I also polished off that plate together.
If you’re looking to impress friends from out of town or to splurge on a sophisticated, unforgettable lunch with a small group or someone special, The Tooting Egret is the place to go. Their fall menu will be featured until the end of October.
For details, call 843-521-4506.

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