Samantha Campbell and students helped Lowcountry Montessori School earn a Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Butterfly Waystation designation. Photo courtesy of Lowcountry Montessori School.

Lowcountry Montessori named Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Waystation

From staff reports

Lowcountry Montessori School in Port Royal has been officially designated a Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Butterfly Waystation.

The environment of the school has been beautifully transformed over recent years by Ecology and Gardening Guide, Samantha Campbell, and her students. Certification from the National Wildlife Federation requires that an environment provide adequate food, water, and cover, as well as places to raise young (birds are sufficient) for wild creatures, and that sustainable practices are used to maintain it all (eliminating pesticide and herbicide use).

Campbell, a recent winner of Keep South Carolina Beautiful’s Outstanding Performance Educator Award, said that adequate milkweed and nectar producing flowers are essential for the Monarch Waystation certification. She added that any garden, yard, or unused land can achieve a habitat that encourages wildlife.

Each fall millions of monarch butterflies make the journey from the U.S. to central Mexico, where they wait for spring to return to North America for breeding in the warmer weather. Without milkweed in their breeding areas and flowering plants along their migration routes, monarchs cannot birth their new generations or sustain their ancient journey. Habitat loss and the widespread use of herbicides are serious threats to one of the world’s great natural wonders.

For details on certifications, visit nwf.org/CERTIFY or monarchwatch.org/waystations.

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