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Port Royal fine-tuning traffic study with more stop lights, planted medians

PORT ROYAL – Turkey time is behind us, as well as the uncertainty it created as we decided whether to gather and with whom in this time of cornovirus. So are the elections (well, almost).

Let’s go back to considering something that never changes – local traffic.

The town of Port Royal seems the latest to attempt a proactive position, although for much of Beaufort County it almost seems like solving traffic congestion is the proverbial horse that’s out of the barn.

The town council last month took a look at the latest consultants’ recommendations for improving traffic flow on Ribaut Road, traffic flow that amounts to approximately 30,000 vehicles per day.

As proposed before, the plan calls for more sidewalks and more traffic lights, specifically at the intersection of Edinburgh and Ribaut roads. A signal is also proposed where the Spanish Moss Trail will eventually cross Ribaut Road and into the Port of Port Royal development property.

More planted medians, as recently seen on Boundary Street in the city of Beaufort, are also suggested in the long-range plans as a way to slow traffic moving through the town.

The proposal carries a multi-million price tag, but town officials will be working with the county and state to get a share of taxpayer dollars to make the improvements.

It’s all just a matter of time – and patience.

Anyone wishing more details on the proposal can see them on Port Royal’s web page – www.portroyal.org.

Davis’ fight for medical marijuana goes on

COLUMBIA – After winning re-election last month, State Sen. Tom Davis of Beaufort is renewing his fight in Columbia to legalize medical marijuana.

Davis, a Republican, said last week he plans to continue his push by presenting modifications he hopes will satisfy opponents of the bill he first introduced in 2016. Law enforcement officials have been critical but the latest revisions include plans for a field sobriety test to determine driving under the influence of weed.

His bill does not legalize smoking marijuana and limits the way it may be delivered to vaping, topical salve or edibles.

Lolita Huckaby Watson is a community volunteer and a former reporter/editorial assistant with The Beaufort Gazette, The Savannah Morning News, Bluffton Today and Beaufort Today. She can be reached at bftbay@gmail.com.

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