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I work at the Bluffton Post Office and I don’t know why Thurman Way, which goes from the library to the post office, doesn’t have any dividing lines, no white lines or yellow lines. Cars coming and going to the post office should know there are two lanes so that people who are in a line to get into the post office should be on the right. We really need to get some lines on that street.

I think it’s terrible that Beaufort and the county can’t find the money to do a traffic study on Sea Island Parkway. They OK all this new development without even thinking about the impact it has on residents. It’s terrible. They need to find a way to get this done and make things better.

If Donald Trump changes his stand on immigration and letting people who came here illegally stay here then he just lost my vote.

I’m so disappointed in our Olympic swimmers. It really makes us look bad and is just the meaning of “ugly American.”

It’s wonderful that we honored Vietnam veterans in Beaufort last week. They are too often forgotten. It was a great event and I just want to thank everyone who came out to support these vets.

I was involved in an accident a few weeks ago and I just want to thank the Bluffton Fire Department for their help. They were so great and I just don’t think they get the thanks they deserve. They were very professional and very nice. So thanks guys!

We recently changed to Hargray for our television service. Last week I checked Hargray’s Channel 113, which we never had before. I immediately noticed that on the bottom right of the first screen it states, “113 Beanfort County.” I can’t seem to locate that county anywhere. It is still there this morning (Aug. 19).  I wonder if the executive producer (Beaufort County Administrator Gary Kubic) or any of his staff actually look at that channel. Even though I couldn’t find recent detailed financials on the county website for the cost of this channel, I had to resort to the annual financial report for FY 2015 to learn that $254,000 had been spent for it.  … The Beaufort County Council needs an outside study completed to ascertain whether enough people watch the “Beanfort County Channel” to justify the taxpayer money being spent.  It should really be named “Beaufort County Administrator’s Little PBS.”

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