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Lowcountry Boil is an opportunity for readers to comment on various issues.

I want to give a shout-out to the Omni fitness club in town. These new owners take great pride in their facility. They’ve cleaned it, painted it and redecorated. They also have brought in a lot of new machines and have a physical therapist there. They’re doing an excellent job serving the community and I just really wanted to say that I appreciate them and their
hard work.

Respectfully, Lowcountry Boil is worthless if the comments are not attributed to their source.

I just want to say I love Lowcountry Boil and the newspaper. Lots of good community information that I’m not seeing in other publications. Thanks!

If you are driving in the left lane and people are passing you on the right, you’re doing it wrong. Just saying.

Just what we need: another traffic light on 278 near St. Gregory’s. I thought this traffic problem was supposed to be solved with the access road. What good is the access road if there’s a light there now? Was all that fighting and the lawsuits over the access road for nothing?

I just want to thank all the people who contributed school supplies this year. It’s been a tough year since I was laid off and I couldn’t afford them and they made my kids very happy. Thank you.

Last week someone said they wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump if he changed his stand on immigration. I’m voting for him no matter what. Anything is better than Hillary Clinton. It’s time for a change in Washington.

I’m with Hillary! Donald Trump is dangerous and just doesn’t have the experience that Hillary has. He is just super scary.

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