Locked Up For Love

A Palmetto Animal League Event

Palmetto Animal League introduces a new event aimed at helping homeless pets get the care they need to become adoptable.On Wednesday, February 11th the first Annual Locked Up For Love event takes place at their facility in Ridgeland.  Lock Up For Love is a nomination event where individuals can nominate their friends, family and co-workers to be “locked up”.  Bail, or an “Adoption” fee is required to release these individuals from their kennel.  All proceeds from this event help homeless pets in need.

A private donor has committed a $20,000 donation towards this event to help these homeless animals, however Palmetto Animal League needs to raise $20,000 on their own to secure the match. You can help Palmetto Animal League reach their fundraising goal by nominating people to be “Locked Up For Love” or by volunteering yourself to be locked up.  Individuals can also donate and avoid the kennel experience all together!

Donations can be phoned in, made online or mailed. For more information, call (843) 645-1725. Palmetto Animal League currently has over 200 cats and dogs waiting for their second chance at life, love and a new home.  If you’re not able to adopt, then please consider donating towards the care of homeless pets.

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