Local audiologist, Monica Wiser, featured in national journal

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Local audiologist, Monica Wiser, featured in national journal

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Beaufort Audiology & Hearing Care’s Monica Wiser, M.A. CCC-A, was featured in the cover story of this month’s issue of The Hearing Journal, a national trade journal focused on hearing health care.

The article, Business Sustainment Strategies Amid the Pandemic, explores how independent hearing practices across the nation have responded and adapted to the challenges of the pandemic.

The article opens with a flattering depiction of Beaufort, “In the Sea Islands of South Carolina, the town of Beaufort — with its Southern charm and architecture — has been honored with a plethora of best place to live awards from various publications. And nestled in the Lady’s Island section of the town with a population of just more than 12,000 is Beaufort Audiology and Hearing Care, owned and operated by Monica Wiser, MA, CCC-A.”

While others cited in the article addressed marketing strategies, Wiser focused on a patient-centered approach. Her enhanced sensitivity toward her patients largely stems from her growing up with hearing loss and being treated differently because of it.

“Because hearing loss is an invisible disorder, people make assumptions when they encounter someone with hearing loss,” she said. “They are deemed less intelligent, less informed, less capable, and even antisocial.”

Addressing the impact of the pandemic on patients, especially those in assisted facilities, Wiser said, “In addition to the higher risk of complications, they are more isolated. A woman who came to our office a couple of weeks ago could not get her hearing aids in because her nails were too long. I ended up giving her a manicure because she was not allowed to go to a salon. It made me wonder how many other scenarios are limiting their ability to carry out basic tasks and I offered to give an in-service to the staff on hearing aid maintenance.”

The article concludes with Wiser’s optimistic outlook

“Two unexpected, but positive, things have come from this pandemic,” she said. “First, due to the effects of masks on speech, people with normal hearing are becoming more aware of the challenges of living with even a slight hearing impediment. As a result, some are becoming more sensitive to people with hearing loss.

“The second is that patients are much more appreciative of in-office care. Video consults, remote programming, manufacturer hotlines, and even curbside services are not sufficient. People need to be treated in person to get the full benefit of their hearing aids and our services.”

To learn more about Beaufort Audiology & Hearing Care, visit www.beauforthearing.com or www.facebook.com/Beaufortaudiology.