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Why Do I Always Do That?

By Martha O’Regan


Martha O'Regan

Ever catch yourself reacting or behaving a certain way, and wonder “why do I always do that”?  Ever wish you could stop?  You can—once you become aware of the behavior or pattern and decide you’ve had enough, change can begin.  It is actually quite simple—not always easy.  Our beliefs are often someone else’s that are set up at a very early age yet continue to program our responses and reactions whether we like it or not.


From the time of conception, you were taking everything in from mom from the foods she ate, the words she spoke and heard, every thought—all transmitted information into your being to form the person you have become.  Additionally, during this growing within time, you received information from Mom’s external environment, through music, television, relationships, etc. Was this a calm and balanced time for mom or was it difficult? What if she didn’t want to be pregnant, or society said it was “wrong” and she shouldn’t have you?  Even though you couldn’t consciously evaluate this information, your subconscious received it all based on chemicals being emitted from how mom was feeling.  Our neurological wiring was being established and we didn’t even know it, nor could we do anything about it.


Once born, we continued to store information received from our five senses into our brain to be retrieved for our survival.  Anything that we took in through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands was stored in various “files” based on the energy of the situation. Around age 2, we began to use the part of our brain that allowed us to think, judge and reason and began to connect that “if I do this, mom does that”. Then around age 7, we continued to receive information from more of the ‘big people” as 100% truth, creating the beliefs and behaviors that became our identity, familiar patterns, habits, and even addictions.


A child playing on the floor while his parents fought about never having enough money, may grow up unintentionally with a perception of lack responding to every situation with “I don’t have enough money, time, love, etc.”  Based on pre-programming, our automatic response comes from information stored at the subconscious level. What if a child hears “you are so stupid, when will you grow up”?  The person likely did not mean to say it, but because the child couldn’t dispute it, it became stored as truth, engraining it to present day.  He may not consciously believe he is stupid, but subconsciously he creates behaviors reflective of being stupid, such as inability to focus, frustration, or lack of desire to learn.

Not to blame ‘big people’, but awareness brings healing.

Simply an awareness of the immense power of words and actions around a pregnant mother or young child, can change our own behavior for the betterment of all.  Neuroscience continues to teach the tools needed to re-program our behaviors while giving parents and teachers tools for getting children off to a better start, before beliefs are deeply embedded..


Re-programming stored patterns with Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) in children and adults shifts negative behaviors, enhances learning abilities, strengthens immune systems, and restores confidence. Is that worth choosing change?  You decide.  Live Well…..Have Fun!







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