Live like you are alive

By Martha O’Regan

You may be alive, but are you really living? Two great songs, one by Tim McGraw and the other by Kris Allen, have similar titles with the same message to live like you were dying.  The words are very inspiring to get out there, follow your dreams and not waste a single moment worrying about that which you cannot control.  Simply pur: Wake up, look around, check in and live … now!

We tend to get sucked into many vortexes of energies, both our own and others, living life in a whirling dervish until we get slammed with a diagnosis, a divorce or an economic downturn then spend the next month, year, decade or more struggling for recovery or rebound. The paradigm that seems most familiar is that “life is so hard,” “you have to fight your way to the top” or “the sky is falling.” Since every experience is a neutral energy until we put our personal spin on it, wouldn’t it be more fun to shift our perspective to “living is easy while dancing our way through it and gracefully juggling those bits of sky as they fall?” Wonder what you could create in your life with that perspective? It sure beats waiting for a diagnosis, worrying about how our kids will turn out, dreading to go to work each day, or staying plugged into all of the bad news day in and day out.

As energy/spiritual beings hanging out within a physical body, we are the steward of our own vessel and need to tune in to what we are providing it each minute of our lives. If you are dragging your vessel through life or it is dragging you, it is your time to wake up and begin to see your body as the vibrating, rechargeable, electromagnetic self that works more efficiently when ample life force is coursing through each tiny particle. Regardless of where your health is right now, there are countless ways to wake your body up to living just a little more today than the day before.  All it takes is consciousness.

To get a feel for how alive you really are, begin by using your imagination and seeing yourself as one of your trillion cells inside your body.  Are you receiving enough fuel from live food grown in nature or is it inadequate with dead, processed food created in a lab?  Are you getting enough water to stay hydrated or are you feeling a little parched or sticky with high sugary soda? Are you receiving any movement to enhance your perfect vibrating self or sluggishly hanging around waiting for something to happen?  Are you efficiently able to do your work of filtering and nourishing while communicating with other cells with ease or are you moving so slow that the cells around you can’t do their job and end up quitting, ultimately becoming dis-ease? Are you receiving messages of love and gratitude for all that you do for your steward, or are you hearing frustration about how it stinks getting old or it hates being sick and tired?  Whatever your cellular responses are today, they can be very different tomorrow with a little self awareness and a desire to enhance vibrational frequencies by “you” as the steward to the “you” as a cell.

Once you begin to manage the subtle energies in your mind, body and spirit throughout your day, you will begin to experience more vitality to enjoy living. So, wake up, plug your circuits into things that bring you joy, eliminate the negative stuff that no longer serves you, and live like you are alive!  Because you are!

Live Well … Have Fun!

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