Little Bits of Royal Chatter

By Peggy Chandler

When I think of “the genteel Southern lady”, Betty Fulcher comes to mind.  I visited Betty at her Rivers Court home, so that I could get to know her a little better and be able to tell you too about this Southern lady.

photo_1Betty Jo Neff and Clyde Fulcher were high school sweethearts in Roanoke, Va., where they were married — a marriage that lasted for almost 60 years until Clyde passed away five years ago.  Betty told me that her husband was a very fun, loving man as she reminisced about some of their escapades with a smile.

Betty took ballet and tap lessons through high school. Then, after graduation, she was a member of the Roanoke Civic Center’s ballet troupe. To this day, she enjoys dancing — even with her walker.

Clyde was an Oral Surgeon in the Navy, with duty stations in many places along the East Coast. For a time, the Fulchers also lived in Cuba where Betty kept herself busy with her family and as well as volunteering as the “Gray Lady” at a local hospital.

When the Fulcher girls were involved in swim meets or school activities, they could count onMom and Mario their parents being there for them. On the day that I visited Betty, her daughter Juley was visiting, and since Betty does not like to sing her own praises, Juley was a big help. Juley told me that Betty is a painter, a wonderful cake decorator and a costume maker — to name just a few of her talents.

These days Betty spends her time enjoying daughter Mary Beth and her family, who also live in Royal Pines, as well as visits from Juley, who is a resident of Washington, D.C. Betty also enjoys reading romance novels.

Betty will be adding a member to her own household when her new kitten arrives.  She is a “Ragdoll” breed that is known for its gentle behavior. She is a gentle cat for a genteel lady. When I asked Betty what she planned to name her new friend, she said “Precious” — just like Betty!

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