Lily & Lou’s takes up residence in Habersham

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Habersham’s Marketplace is a step back in time, accented by shops, bistros and dining facilities, featuring artisanal products and tasty cuisine. To its distinguished list of culinary options, add the new Lily & Lou’s Eatery and Market, which is filling the space formerly occupied by Lazy Susan’s Cafe & Creperie.

The new co-owners, Kate and Jack Cosentino recently relocated from Minnesota with the idea that a work/live residence just might be the right fit at this point in their careers. 

According to Kate, who ran a successful photography studio, she believed neither she nor her husband were actually ready for retirement. 

“Jack, having recently left his high-pressure job as a medical consulting CEO, and I were looking to the future,” she said. “We took a road trip south with the goal to scout out what might catch our fancy when we did officially retire.”

Florida was their first thought, but it was dismissed after several follow-up visits, which eventually “opened our eyes to South Carolina.”

“Let’s get our hands dirty, and make pretty,” noted Kate whimsically. “Why not?”

Jack loves to cook – gyros are just one of his specialties – and Kate was always a baker at heart. Now, they have their chance.

They have decided to keep the cafe and market format, as they felt that type of facility was needed not only for Habersham residents, but Beaufort at large.

A soft opening

They have held a “soft opening,” which garnered them feedback from first-time diners.

Dismissing a grand opening, Kate and Jack wanted to open their doors in a casual manner. They wanted to meet their new neighbors, as they would if they invited them to their home. 

“No Yelp, nor NextDoor marketing push,” Kate said. “We wanted to have conversations as to how to improve their dining experience for their patronage and well as their new staff.”

They created breakfast and lunch menus, and having just secured a wine and beer license, they will soon be offering cigars, wine and charcuterie offerings in the evenings.

Something that Beaufortonians will be happy to learn, the Cosentinos also decided to be one of the few restaurants in town to be opened daily, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. They will also man a market for convenience items, such as milk, butter, sauces and some of the ingredients used in their menus.

Survey says

For breakfast, the jury is in, and hands down the “Ooey Gooey Carmel Pecan Roll” is the most popular item. Gluten-free, it is a brown sugar- honey- and cinnamon-glazed sticky roll, smothered with southern pecans.

According to Kate, “the best and most popular lunch item thus far is their “Naughty Greek.” While Greek-style, this one is marinated for 2 days, hand-stacked, slow cooked and cut traditionally from a vertical rotisserie. It is served on a warm pita with pickled onions, cucumbers and a to-die-for tzatziki.

With a catchy play on words, a “Shamwich” features Kate and Jack’s signature egg soufflé, with thick cut bacon, cheddar cheese and Dijonnaise mustard, served on a ciabatta roll.

For diners relocating from the North, they’ll be happy to know Lily & Lou’s will be serving New York Bagels, toasted with butter and/or cream cheese.

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