Life is Just So Hard … until it’s not

By Martha O’Regan

Life is so hard … until it’s not. You decide. Simply choosing a shift in perception creates a new reality. By recognizing that every experience is part of our personal growth and development, even those perceived as “bad” or “wrong.” This awareness allows us to choose the appropriate response that creates a greater emotional freedom. Energetically speaking, every experience is neutral until we choose an emotional charge for it. Whatever emotion we attach to the situation, we will attract more experiences to create more of the same emotion. Remember that we are each our own “radio station” emitting frequencies then attracting “like” frequencies 24/7/365. Consider what your radio station is attracting these days.

Ever noticed when you are frustrated with a situation, every little thing beyond that situation creates more frustration until eventually you just blow up into full blown anger?  Then, once you blow up, you may feel better physically but not so much emotionally, especially if you have made a fool of yourself or hurt someone you care about. Now, you’re stuck in remorse and the cycle continues.  However, by starting the cycle seeing the good or learning the lesson of the situation, being grateful for that lesson, or asking forgiveness if necessary, the emotional charge is lighter and more at ease, creating less stress and upset.

Does learning how to shift your perception mean that disease will suddenly disappear? Or, the back surgery you have scheduled can be cancelled?  Or the abusive partner you are living with just packs up and disappears?  The Law of Attraction is a crazy thing so, never say never, but more likely, what it does mean is that once you learn to shift, you become more self-aware, allowing you to take back control of your life, thus opening your mind to new ideas and approaches to your situation.  We can get so stuck in our patterns and behaviors, that until we choose to shift, we can’t see anything else.

It’s been said “the only constant is change.” Yet, some folks completely resist change, insisting on living in “ustaville,” unhappy with the present or always comparing things to way it “used to” be. Once we can accept that change is inevitable, and practice shifting our perspective, life can become a lot less challenging. No question that many illnesses are lifestyle induced and could be corrected or at least improved with better nutrition and exercise, but because change can be uncomfortable or unfamiliar, many will resort back to their old ways. They may stay sick, but at least it’s familiar.

We have to change our mind if we want to change our life. So,  rather than struggling with the latest diet, obsessing over every morsel and feeling guilty when you slip, consider eating for pleasure and nourishment, making healthy choices. Your body will digest and metabolize more efficiently when vibrating in enjoyment rather than guilt. Additionally, instead of hating your job and griping about it all day, begin appreciating that you even have a job or finding some aspect that you do enjoy.  Your stress levels at the end of each day will be more balanced, allowing more enjoyment during your time away from work.

Consider how you choose to perceive life and whether there is room for “shift.”  Remember, it’s only hard until it’s not.


















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