Letters to the Editor – July 12th

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A response to the July 5th article about the downtown marina

This is about the city Redevelopment Commission discussing next steps for the downtown marina. We have three local businesses here in Beaufort thriving to offer local kayak tours that are safe, secure, friendly, and successful small-business operators with knowledge of our waterways, tides, and currents. So are we spending money for large operators to come in and compete with small operators like Beaufort Lands End Tours that has two slips at the marina, a floating dock with kayaks and paddle boards, and rents bikes? We have been paying city and county taxes for six years. Why has the city not contacted us — as well as Higher Ground Kayaks and Beaufort Kayak Tours — for our opinion? Why are we wanting to destroy small businesses downtown?

Irene Goodnight
Owner, Beaufort Lands End Tours 

Thank you, Port Royal, for the Fourth of July celebration!

I was hoping you might assist me in a personal Fourth of July tradition. On Nantucket Island I put on their Independence Day festivities for 23 years, and then wrote a thank you letter to our local newspaper, the Inquirer and Mirror. It was a great way to get everyone recognized for all of their hard work.

Thank you Van and Brooke, Jeff and the DPW Department from the Town of Port Royal. The town’s government leaders, the mayor and council members, for an incredible start with their patriotic singing of the national anthem. Many thanks to Port Royal Police Chief Beach, Lt. Massey, the Port Royal Police and Fire Department for all their help.

The talented band Main Street and JBH Entertainment for keeping it all plugged in. The food and activities vendors, especially the Boy Scouts. Lee Distributors and Triangle Ice for keeping us quenched and cool. Robert from Piggly Wiggly for those AWESOME watermelons.

Thank you Beaufort Historic Partnership and Cora for the very helpful van transportation.

Huge thanks to the hardworking and fun volunteers including the Beaufort Jaycees. Shawn for great design work and capturing amazing moments. Thank you to this paper for helping to get the word of mouth out, too. 

I want to thank Patty and Jim Crower for introducing me to Port Royal while giving a new girl in town great support. My patient husband and wonderful, volunteer neighbors Ray, Diane, and Janet. Please forgive me if I somehow forgot to mention your assistance.

To end this simply, I just hope that you had as much fun going to this celebration as I had putting it on.

Thank you, Port Royal.

Kate Hamilton Pardee

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