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Answers to Lucas’ questions

This is in response to the February 9-15, 2023 column, “Are We Still Doing This? Again and Again?” by Carol Lucas. The headline refers to mass murder/gun violence.

I will address a few of her comments and questions: “How many times?”

Answer: Many, many more times.

Are we “… proud to hold the dubious distinction that our country seems to relish…” (gun violence).

Answer: Who cares?

“Something concrete must be done.”

Answer: Don’t hold your breath.

Lucas relates that she “… shot a gun a couple of times …”

Answer: Big deal.

Lucas hopes that you are never in a position to experience the pain of gun violence.

Answer: Don’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

– Terry Gibson, Beaufort

re: School book ban mess

I write this after reading so many articles and others’ letters to the editor about the issue.

I recently, in my readings, came upon a quote (from) 1821 by German poet and playwright Heinrich Heine, “Dort, wo man Bucher verbrennt, verbrent mann auch am Ende Menmschen.”

I think a solid translations reads, “Where they burn books, they will, in the end, also burn people.”

We have our Junior League version of these folks right here in Beaufort. People who think that their “Religious Freedom” is the freedom for them to impose their wants/fears/hates, i.e. their lifestyles, onto all others. A small minority that wants to rule over all others.

And then they call themselves good Americans, good Christians. They are the exact opposite. And should be recognized as such.

And this handful of people should not be able to force so much trouble and worries and time and expense on all others.

I see that to date only one book reviewed (now two) has had a change in category advised. And, be clear, any parent can opt out of these books for their children. But these “watchdogs of decency” should have no say over how all others are raised. How many hours have been spent on this false-flag chase already?

At minimum these people should be sanctioned, same way Trump was fined about a million dollars for filing a frivolous law suit. These people should have to pay for all the time of all the people that has been spent reading these books, talking over them. This is in the class of a nuisance lawsuit and should be treated as same … filers of these (should be) financially penalized.

What’s that old H.L. Mencken quote about a Puritan? “A person that is afraid that someone somewhere is having a good time.”

– George Stanton, Beaufort

Leave St. Helena alone

I recently read an informative article written by Mr. Mike McCombs of your newspaper. The subject was the potential future development of an area of Saint Helena Island by an outside investor.

The reason my wife and I rent a property and support the numerous services and events in your area each year is the beauty, serenity, and very natural environment that has been sustained by the Gullah culture for so long. I believe any more gated communities, golf courses, franchises or other such ventures will destroy what is the essence of your community. My wife and I would no longer visit. The estimated $15,000 we spend each year in your area would disappear.

I ask the governmental entities who will ultimately accept or reject further commercial development to consider my request to reject any effort at further development. This is not progress. As a retired commercial/industrial appraiser I can speak with some knowledge. Thank you.

– William A. Rolland, Jr., Shavertown, Pa.

Give SC citizens a voice

The First Amendment includes the phrase “… and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances …”

I have sent a query, again, to my S.C. Senator asking why our legislature has refused, as in many (often southern) states, to encode in state law neither a “recall petition” nor a “citizen-initiated referendum” petition? What scares our state governance folk?

There are some doing or proposing wacky stuff in no way representative of a majority of citizens’ wishes. I’d like some options when a given elected official does not appear to serve the needs and wishes of their constituency, or will not put an issue on the ballot despite public wishes? Just asking.

– Tim Dodds, Lady’s Island

Keep up the good work

We pick up the Sunday New York Times just about every week, and choose a section or two to read through as the week goes on.
But we have a subscription (it’s a good cause) to The Island News, and I have to say my wife and I are spending almost as much time reading and relishing the editorials in your paper.
We appreciate the chances you take on a weekly basis, and love your band of gypsies who boldly give us their best.
Keep up the great words and work.

– Glen Becker, Lady’s Island

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