Dickson blames the victims

Once again I applaud The Island News for staying open to alternate points of view, such as that expressed in Feb. 24 edition by Jim Dickson. Jim’s Ayn Randian flag was on full display.

Ayn saw selfishness as a virtue, and that government should have no role in society (except maybe policing to control the lazy masses?). It appears Mr Dickson thinks – and this is a big tell – that “these people” have no one to blame for their long-suffered inequities (he blames the victims).

I’m of the opinion he saw the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests after George Floyd’s death as so much victimhood by “Socialist” rabble? The final straw was his granting credence to the attack on our good teachers and school boards by those outrageously errant views about critical race theory.

The dollar sign is a symbol associated with Ayn Rand; apparently Jim does not want a government that spends one dime of his money on actually helping people? Interesting that Ayn Rand, for all her wacky philosophy, was to her credit vehemently pro-choice. Go figure.

– Timothy Dodds, Lady’s Island

Thank you for supporting veterans

I had to write you and thank The Island News team for being such a great supporter of our military members and veterans. Your newspaper is one of the few who go the extra mile to support our troops, veterans, the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, and Fisher House Charleston.

– Sandy Morckel, Mount Pleasa

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