Thank you, Beek Webb!

I think everybody who lives or shops on Lady’s Island would join me to say “Thank You” to Beek Webb for reminding the County and City that we need another bridge to Lady’s Island. We need one that will take a lot of the traffic off the Woods Bridge and Hwy. 21 on Lady’s Island.

In my opinion, we also need somebody to get off the dime and get the Lady’s Island road improvements done. Of the 10 projects proposed on the referendum in 2018, only ONE has been completed, and that’s the turn lane from Sams Point Road onto U.S. 21, which is wonderful. Six of the 10 projects are “In Design” and three are PRE-DESIGN. Amazing Grace! How did they figure the monies needed if they didn’t have a design? Just asking.

Do we have a priority list for the remaining projects? All were suppose to help alleviate the congestion on the Island, so somebody must decide which project will be most helpful to meet this goal, draw up a priority list, and get them done.

From my vantage point it would appear the Hazel Farm Road project would take a lot of the vehicles out of the intersection at U.S. 21 (Sea Island Pkwy and Lady’s Island Drive). This project is proposed to be less than $6 million dollars, while all the proposed projects for Lady’s Island totaled $71,677,600.

We all know the lion’s share of funds raised from this referendum was for the new bridge to Hilton Head and that’s a very expensive undertaking. I haven’t heard voters on this side of the Broad River complain about that. I believe the penny tax started to be collected on Jan. 1, 2019, and the total monies were in the bank before the end of 2021, hopefully earning a little interest in a designated fund.

Bottom line: The money for a $6 million dollar project has been available for a long time, and we think it’s time to stop talking about it and designing it, and start to get it done.

– Edie Rodgers, Beaufort

Terry Manning asked an easy question

(Terry Manning) questioned “What do black people need to do to be considered American?” My answer, “The same as anyone else, black, white yellow or red.”

Americans love their country, they respect the Constitution, they register to vote and secure a photo ID, they work hard and support and protect their families, they send their children to school, they respect the rules of law and authority.

They do not set fires and destroy property, they do not kill cops, they do not break store windows and steal the merchandise, they do not leave different children with different baby mamas alone and unprotected. They do not blame the boogeyman for everything that is wrong, they take responsibility for their actions, their past, present and future.

They do not play the race card, the Jew card, the Italian card, the German card, the Asian card. They face life as a free American with dignity, responsibility and a love of what the foundation of America is all about, not changing history but learning from it, not teaching events that never happened, not preventing people from having and expressing different opinions and not suppressing free thought on the campus and in public schools.

I can go on and on but won’t. Just remember: real Americans are real Americans.

– Elaine Lust, Hilton Head Island

Thank you for running Mr. Dandridge’s articles

I wanted to reach out regarding Mr. Dandridge’s weekly Veteran articles. I have worked with Mr. Dandridge over the past 15 years during my employment at the VA, and he is a favored member of Veteran advocates! Because of his involvement at the VA, with veterans’ organizations, and his ability to always ask questions and find answers, he is able to deliver valuable information to his fellow veterans.

Thank you for allowing space in your paper weekly to continue educating Veterans on available programs and services.

– Meredith Miller, LISW-CP, Veterans Justice Outreach Coordinator, VAMC Charleston

Dandridge advocates on behalf of all veterans

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the editorial section relating to Veterans! It is hard to reach them sometimes and even harder to make sure that the information they are getting is accurate.

Larry Dandridge is a great man advocating on behalf of veterans of all ages! Kudos. Be safe, healthy & well!

– Joy Fealy-Kalar, BA, VHA Office of Patient-Centered Care and Cultural Transformation

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