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‘Praise and adoration’

Nice to see [Cherimie] again in the Island News. My intent with this email is to provide you a sufficient amount of “Praise and Adoration” for you to provide us more of your insightful, well written and socially relevant musings via The Island News. I have always enjoyed your writing and am looking forward to many more. I find it infinitely more enjoyable writing to you than any Representative, national, state or local as I am TOTALLY fed up with them all.

You have a wonderful gift. Great article, and I hope to see many more.

– Bob North, St. Helena Island

More ‘praise and adoration’

This note is way overdue, but felt the need to send a quick note of appreciation and thanks to Cherimie’s article titled “United We Stood.” Her piece moved me to tears. Emotions of pride and grief of what used to be.

Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece.

I hope members of this community took a minute to let those words resonate within and feel all the feels, remember what was lost, those that have been affected on all levels and hopefully instill a desire to do our parts to help build back up what was once and still is broken.

Thank you!

– Jen Dudley, Lady’s Island