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AMIkids Beaufort mourns passing of Sanders

Doward Sanders’ recent passing marks a sad day for the Beaufort community and for AMIkids Beaufort. Doward was one of the founders of this highly-successful residential treatment program for non-violent juvenile offenders.

Doward’s vision, his belief that these young men deserved a structured second chance, is what helped start the Beaufort Marine Institute and its relationship with the national organization, AMIkids. He will be remembered for his dedication to this program, but also for his wonderful smile, his quick sense of humor, and his love of the game of croquet. Many will remember Doward in his croquet whites, dapper as ever and laughing with each shot despite his competitiveness.

Beaufort mourns the passing of Doward Sanders, but his legacy lives on with each successful graduate at AMIkids Beaufort.

John Huntley, Chairman, AMIkids Beaufort Board of Directors


Nancy Sadler is a compassionate woman, friend

Several months ago you profiled Nancy Sadler, “Defending the Defenseless.” You gave us wonderful background information, but I would like to comment on the very essence of her heart. Beyond being lovely and intelligent, she is the most compassionate woman I have ever met. I call her my friend,  although we have never gone out to lunch together or even “gabbed “ on the phone together; believe me when I call her I am usually in a very serious situation and need her guidance. She has stood by me and my son for 15 years (all pro bono). I know that I can walk into her office anytime without an appointment and feel welcomed. She is truly an angel, standing by our side and I say “our” because there are many of us who have sought her advice, help and comfort and she has never turned her back on us. I will never be able to give her back what she has given me. I am proud to say I know her.

Ann Squires, Beaufort