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Beaufort lost another treasure last week

When I posted the news of Dennis J. Adams’ passing online, I was overwhelmed with the flood of comments I received back. From members of the thespian community to classmates from library school, including one of his teachers, there was an outpouring of tributes and shared fond memories and great pictures of him in action.

I heard words such as “academic,” “oldest friend in Beaufort,” “wealth of knowledge,” “wicked smart,” “refined gentleman” and “Beaufort icon” just to name a few.

Whether you heard Dennis singing his sea shanties as Blackbeard on the CAPA Ghost Tours downtown, had the great fortune to have his help as reference librarian extraordinaire at the Scott Street public library, read his column in The Beaufort Gazette as the “Answer Man,” watched his wonderful performances in any of the many local productions he was in, heard him read Twas the Night Before Christmas at the annual tree lighting at Night on the Town, asked his help in translating Romansh or just knew him, you were indeed a lucky person.

He was a lover of beagles, collector of art and creator of papier-mâché figurines and a devoted son and brother. Though he wanted no funeral, no memorial, not even an obituary, I hope that he would forgive me this brief public homage to a man who touched so many lives and left us much too soon.

– Geni Flowers, USC Beaufort Librarian, Beaufort

(Above: Dennis J. Adams)

Island News coverage, feedback should remain local

I object fervently that your letters to editor that objected to your coverage of the now appropriately dismissed member of the city election board – were ALL from out of state?

I have previously thanked you for good journalism that serves our local electorate, but you are not a large urban paper whose readership is state or countrywide … Beaufort County is your home and where your good service is and should be focused.

So, if you were trying to demonstrate balance in publishing alternative viewpoints, that is laudable, but any such sentiments should come from local resident readers, in my opinion. I full well expect your coverage brought you lots of negative input from local conservatives that may be victims of “the lie,” so print that input if you choose, and also do not allow your editorial prerogatives to be compromised.

You owe no apologies for the truth. Thanks for your valuable service.

– Tim Dodds, Lady’s Island