Remembering a brother

Back in May, I saw an article by Andy Kinghorn about the building of the original Harbor Island Bridge in 1939. Reading the article reminded me my older brother William worked on that earlier bridge as well and I felt moved to tell his story:

One of the contractors working on that project had rented a second-floor apartment in our home on Ribaut Road. Of course, in the comings and goings, he met William who was a high school student at the time and old enough to drive.

It was in the late spring or early summer, school was out and most of the young fellows were looking for a job so the contractor offered William one.

As work began on the bridge, I think I am right in saying the first part was the causeway from the mainland to the river. After this, they were able to transport materials for the bridge to the river.

Some of this was concrete, mixed on the mainland and ready for use. William was hired to drive a small tractor from the mainland area where the concrete was mixed, out the causeway to the work area where it was dumped for use. He would then return to the mainland for another load, back and forth all day long.

All went well until two bolts holding the seat on the tractor began to irritate the driver and a boil developed. Poor William had to take off a few days until our mother could doctor the area and get him going again. This time, she also made him a nice pillow to protect him from those bolts.

I’m not sure how long he kept at the job, which came first – the completed job or return to school!

– Betty Logan Waskiewicz, Beaufort

Note: William Logan was the younger brother of the late J.W. Logan and Hal Logan and died at the age of 20 in the Pacific where he was stationed during World War II with the U.S. Navy. The new Harbor Island Bridge, connecting St. Helena to Harbor Island, opened this Spring after more than a year in construction.

The Island News needs fresh talent

In his column in your July 22 issue, David Taub rightly criticized name-calling and character assassination as “the lowest form of debate.” But in his July 29 column, he labeled his political opponents “idiotic” and “reckless,” and pronounced them guilty of “terminal stupidity.”

I can’t be the only reader who noticed this hypocrisy. Mr. Taub generally wouldn’t have much to write if it weren’t for his own continuous practice of character assassination, from one week to the next.

Maybe the paper needs some fresh talent in its roster of weekly columnists.

– Steve Walton, Port Royal

Graber’s Op-Ed was excellent

I very much enjoyed Scott Graber’s excellent Op-Ed “We must acknowledge our past sins, and seek absolution” in your July 20 edition. It was well thought out, well written and probably the most sensible thing that I have seen written on the subject of “Critical Race Theory” by anyone.

On the other hand the good Dr. Taub really does need to make an effort to get over Trump Derangement Syndrome, and move on with his life and his Op-Ed’s. Maybe a trip back to Mexico, that was interesting.

Thanks for a great little paper.

– Jim Dickson, St. Helena Island

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