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I don’t wonder anymore

I used to wonder how in the world Osama bin Laden could inspire men to hate Americans so much that they would fly a plane into a building.

I don’t wonder anymore. I watched in real time over four years as citizens were fed lie upon despicable lie, as they were pumped full of vitriol and bizarre conspiracies. How they idolized a man that fattened his wallet off their naiveté. And sadly, how they turned away from friends, neighbors and even family, while bent on destroying a democracy that provided them protections even after their treasonous attempts.

May God continue to bless America!

– Beth Young, Beaufort

Keep it up

Mr. McCombs, I really appreciated your (column) in the Island News … It’s surprising to me – perhaps it shouldn’t be – that so many people still support Trump even after (the Jan. 6) attack on the Capitol. I expect you will get some heat from printing your article, and I admire your honesty and courage.

Keep it up!

– Aaron Miller Beaufort


‘High standards or double standards? How about ‘no standards’

In response to “High Standards or Double Standards,” I propose a third category, “No Standards.” Savannah Kate accuses Mike McCombs of consuming and then spreading propaganda, resulting in what she calls a “vicious cycle of misinformation.” I would suggest that Ms. Kate look squarely in the mirror after she rereads her comment.

First, let’s be absolutely clear on one thing: there is a huge difference between protesting and rioting. Ms. Kate asks the question, “So long as the purpose is pushing your agenda, protesting is OK?”

Yes, Ms. Kate, the right to protest is guaranteed under our Constitution, as you so aptly point out in your third paragraph, regarding the several hundred thousand citizens that were “peacefully” protesting and exercising their constitutional rights on Jan. 6.

I could argue that protesting the murder of a black man by an officer who had 16 prior complaints filed against him, an officer who held his knee on the man’s throat for nine minutes, ignited a reaction (protest, if you will) by those who have suffered similar treatment over the course of hundreds of years. And that a “handful,” to use your words, turned some of these protests into riots, something I do not condone in any way.

Now let’s turn our attention to example B, the looting, plundering, defecating in the halls of our Capitol, and the death of a Capitol Policeman as well as six others. Ms. Kate wants to explain this as the work of a “handful” of agitators who were condemned by both Republicans and Democrats.

I respectfully submit that it was but a “handful” of Republicans who objected, and even some of that “handful” refused to put the blame for igniting this insurrection where it belonged. The President’s speech prior to this insurrection has been parsed ad nauseam, and the effect it had lies in the eye of the beholder.

However, when Ms. Kate blissfully suggests that the President advocated a “peaceful protest,” I suggest that she Google his speech and read from beginning to end, assuming she can stand the rambling and the self-aggrandizement. His continued hype regarding the “stolen election” was all these well-prepared revolutionaries needed.

Forget that Mr. Trump said he would be there with them; forget that he continued his much-documented string of lies. Keep in mind that he even undercut Mike Pence in this speech, and many were heard to say, “Kill Mike Pence” as they stormed the Capitol. This massive attack was well-organized weeks in advance. This didn’t just happen, spur of the moment, in the heat of an argument. It was an attempted coup, the likes of a third world country. Ms. Kate, this hardly seems like a peaceful protest, and your use of the phrase would be humorous if it weren’t so pathetic.

And so it appears that the word “standard” is used rather loosely by Ms. Kate; thus I will close my response with a final entreaty: Mike, I hope you continue to author thought-provoking pieces that deal in reality, rather than some fictional interpretation of the facts.

– Carol Lucas, Lady’s Island


On Sunday, March 15, 2020, Sará Reynolds Green, CEO/Co-Owner of Marshview Community Organic Farm on St. Helena Island, called Girl Scout Troop 4105 to plant fruits, vegetables, and rice.

It was a short notice, our Girl Scout motto is, “Be prepared!”

A Girl Scout is ready to help out wherever she is needed. Willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency.

We were given several tasks, and we followed instructions. We had fun working together, dirtying our hands, fanning gnats, getting wet with the irrigation system, and more.

On Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021 at S.C. Coastal Community Development on St. Helena Island, our troop participated in distributing more than 400 free hot meals, delivered and to go, to community members in Beaufort County.

The menu included baked turkey with gravy, Carolina gold rice, cabbage, and corn bread. The same variety of Carolina gold rice (was distributed) that our Troop seeded, which were 400 units.

Girl Scout Troop 4105 would like to give gratitude to Bill and Sará Green and their listed partners. If we missed anyone, thank you!

Thanks to:

1. Seeds, Soil, & Culture Social/Finance Fund

2. Padma Lakshmi

3. Southeastern Africa American Farmers Organic Network

4. Lowcountry Community COVID-19 Response Fund

5. S.C. Coastal Community Development Corporation

6. New Life Deliverance Temple Food Bank

7. Unitarian Universalist Church of Beaufort

8. Eat Smart Move More S.C.

9. Friends of Dataw

10. Community members

11. Spring Island community

12. Church of the Harvest

13. Jehovah Church of Christ

14. Beaufort Memorial Hospital

15. Girl Scout Troop 4105

16. R&B Catering

17. Former Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling

18. Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina

19. Out-of-Towners from Lady’s Island/St. Helena Island, S.C.

20. Family Members

21. 24K Social Club

22. Penn Center Inc.

23. Gullah Farmers Cooperative

24. PAN-African Family Empowerment & Land Preservation Network

25. Gullah chef Bill Green

26. Young Chefs and Farmers of the Lowcountry

27. Lowcountry Habitat for Humanity

28. Volunteers & Friends

– Girl Scout Troop 4105