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Thank you for articles on veterans’ benefits

Today, I am writing to simply say: Thank you for the articles your newspaper printed 19 and 26 Nov., concerning our veterans’ benefits and medical healthcare services and options. The edition of The Island News, no matter when soldiers retire, should feature articles that impact “THEIR process” wherever they may be along the continuum of life.

Mr. Larry Dandridge’s two articles have been entertaining, informative and a constant source of knowledge, inspiration and energy.

I hope that your newspaper will continue to be loaded with articles that I believe are enlightening and helpful to our veterans, retirees and their families.

We count on newspapers like yours, to keep actively engaged in helping to promote our military, in supporting our Soldiers and their Families and remaining strong within our communities with your information.

Lastly, keep our Soldiers and Families and our great Nation, in your thoughts and prayers! It is my honor to have served you and this Nation.

– Ray Johnson, Chief Warrant Officer 5, USA, Retired

Thank you Mayor Keyserling, good luck Mayor Murray

Mayor Keyserling has often stated that he is the bridge between his generation and the younger generation. These were the words he usually spoke during our orientation session with the Young Leaders of Beaufort program he and I developed.

The Young Leaders of Beaufort were comprised of middle schoolers from across the Beaufort area including public, private and charter schools. The goals of the program were to promote civic responsibility and develop positive character traits in our students.

Mayor Keyserling modeled these traits as he interacted with our students. Mayor Keyserling listened and took great interest in what all the students had to say. He would tell the students that someday one of you could be the next mayor of Beaufort.

That bridge has now been crossed.

Stephen Murray will be Beaufort’s next mayor. I had the opportunity several years ago to teach Stephen at Lady’s Island Middle School. Stephen has those character traits and civic awareness that Mayor Keyserling has talked about all those years.

Thank you Mayor Keyserling for your service and devotion to the youth of Beaufort County. Good luck to you Stephen Murray as you build and expand on that bridge for the next generation.

– Scott Shipsey, Community Resource Coordinator, Lady’s Island Middle School.