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re: Pledge of Allegiance at the Democrat Convention

Thank you Ms. Brown, I stand corrected. If I had done due diligence, I would have called up Snopes.

Further diligence however, would have revealed a 19 August Washington Times piece showing videos of two Democrat Convention caucus Pledge of Allegiance opening ceremonies.

The first was the Muslim Delegates and Allies Assembly attended by Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders and DNC Chair Tom Perez. The Pledge, spoken by A.J. Durrant left out “Under God.” Have not heard any gripes from those worthies. So much for Muslim Assimilation.

The second was the LGBT caucus. The Pledge left out the offending phrase, but substituted a several second pause during which the speaker had on his/her/their face a snarky smirk.

Thanks for the input Ms. Brown. I’ll keep aiming for accuracy!

Now, was this letter a surrogate response for David Taub? I hope not. Absent any cogent rebuttal of my points relative to Religion and Society, The Constitution and Capitalism, the response was a regurgitation of Leftist, DNC and Resistance talking points, Joe Biden’s supposed epiphanies and unspecified Trump “lies” (Nothing like “If you like your doctor, …” or “If you like your insurance, …”). Presenting “Joe Biden and his terrific Democratic Team” as the Nation’s Savior is nothing more than the usual Leftist twaddle the Democrats, with a complicit media continue to mislead the electorate.

– Carter Swenson, Beaufort

A get-well note for David Taub

I am not sure if Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is contagious, but if it is, former Beaufort Mayor and occasional The Island News contributor, David Taub, is a walking, talking modern day Typhoid Mary. TDS defined as “The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the Presidency – nay – the very existence of Donald Trump. “Sadly it has overwhelmed the normal workings of Mr. Taub’s political immune system and taken control of his mind.

It seems so serious that if a person who might be supporter of the President should come in contact with Mayor Taub, they could be in danger of contracting the syndrome. After a short incubation period they might be in danger of sporting a Biden / Harris bumper sticker on their car or even worse publicly burning their MAGA hat.

In Mayor Taub’s case I am not sure that the conversion of a Trump voter or winning over the undecided with his endless pontificating will be enough to affect a cure, but I do wish him all the best and hope that someday he can recover and return to normal health, but if all else fails he will always have Leonard Pitts to commiserate with.

– Jim Dickson, St. Helena Island