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Kudos to councilman for opposing bag ban

It’s nice to see an elected official standing up for what’s right. 

As Beaufort County continues to push for a ban on single-use plastic bags, one councilman has shown courage to object on grounds that it does not address the real issue.

Coastal areas of the country are being swept up in the environmental populism of bag bans, but Councilman Jerry Stewart thinks the proposal is “inappropriate legislation.” It is the behavior of some uncaring individuals that is inappropriate, not the inanimate object.

We agree and applaud Mr. Stewart’s stance on this issue.

Paul Runko
Vice President
Greater Bluffton Republican Club

Marines appreciate being remembered

Editor’s note: See page A6 for a story on local schoolchildren who made special boxes of gifts for the Marines of VMFA-312. 

Thank you to all those who have dedicated time and effort to making the holidays for the Marines of VMFA-312 feel like home.  

Being away from family and friends can be a difficult and trying time for almost anyone, but when a young Marine – or even an old one – is thousands of miles away from a single family member, the holidays can feel like any other day.  

We work day in and day out, sometimes without even knowing what day it is. Our days can feel like the same over and over without anything new or exciting happening to lift our spirits.  

Your thoughts, Christmas cards and gifts go a very long way for all of us aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. For some of our Marines, these may be the only gifts they receive for the Christmas holiday, and because you took the time to think of us, we are thankful.  

Our holiday season has changed for the better with your gifts and cards decorating our work spaces. The books you have sent keep us busy during our down time. 

The toothbrushes, toothpaste and tissue paper replenish our needed goods, and your candy and snacks keep our bellies full.  

Your kind words and best wishes have put us in the holiday spirit, and we have you all to thank. These Christmas presents have by far been the best gifts we have received in the mail, and it was right on time. 

The presents wrapped and decorated with drawings are better than any store-bought packaging. We even love the glitter all over the boxes.  

We, the Marines of 312, are grateful for people like you who think of us when we are far away from the ones we love.  

This holiday season truly has been blessed by you in every way. From all of us here we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Semper Fidelis,
SSgt. Brian C. Gustafson
Powerline SNCOIC

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