Letter to the Editor

Plantings a reminder of shared appreciation

In this age of choosing up sides, based on elements of division and difference, I find downtown Beaufort, with its hanging baskets of flowers, to be not only beautiful but encouraging of that which we share, rather than that which might divide.

The cheerful countenance of those petunias provides a joy in my soul that provides a visible reminder of what is good and beautiful in life. A reminder of what joins us together in appreciation for flowers, beautiful plantings in Waterfront Park, preservation of large shade trees, and downtown opportunities for folks to come together in celebration, rest, enjoyment of sights and sounds, great food, and outdoor activity.  It’s hard to be difficult when those petunias smile down on me, wave in the breezes, and send out their message of beauty and cheer.  THANKS be to those who planted them, care for them, and assure their presence each year!

Jane C. Sidwell


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