Letter to the Editor: Help fix our county’s tax guzzler

By Steven M. Baer

Do you recall the gas guzzler cars of yesteryear? They used enormous amounts of gas per mile. New cars go farther with less because of scientific engine management.

Scientific management works in many places, producing better results per dollar for businesses, farms, homes and the military. It’s taught in schools.

Why would Beaufort County shun it?

Anyone who studies our budget process — including its poorly reported data, poorly justified projects, and lack of forward planning — would see a sputtering tax guzzling engine with flashing red engine warning lights.

Repairing our planning and management engine would get more from scarce tax funds and provide for key services without constant efforts to raise taxes to support more bad management.

But that would curb the discretionary power of a few. Also, standards are looser when spending other people’s money. Perhaps that’s why our methods are below standard.

Only a few seats on County Council must be changed to start repair of our tax guzzler. Council incumbents from Districts 2, 6 and 11 must run for re-election in 2014. Even a few new people could shift the balance of power.

If you live in the districts below, please run for office to repair our tax guzzler:

• District 2 (Beaufort, Lady’s, Dataw and Fripp island areas)

• District 6 (Sun City, Berkeley Hall, Eagles Pointe, Oldfield Areas)

• District 11 (Mid and Southern Hilton Head)

Registration for new candidates will be open March 16-30.

Steven M. Baer of Hilton Head Island was a member of Beaufort County Council for six and a half years until resigning in July 2013. He can be contacted at 843-689-5774.

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