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Pastor thanks those in community who helped, supported TLC Thrift Store 

Where does one start when so much has happened in the past 14 years with TLC Ministries? Our TLC Thrift store has had the opportunity to be a part of such a great community, and time after time, as our staff stood out front, you all gave endlessly to help those around you in need. I have to say thank you as I sit here in tears, and I have to always remember that His word is alive in our hearts.

This morning, as I prayed for direction, I reached out to an elder, a friend, someone who sees beyond the scope of what we are capable of as men and women at times, he sees the greater part of what God created. Understand this opportunity to say thank you came from someone special — you and I in this community have all given to the needs of each other in such a great way.

I first want to thank all of the staff and students who never gave up — the seemingly endless hours of keeping the store open six days a week, vacuuming, cleaning, sorting, loading, unloading, deliveries, pick-ups, coffeehouse on Fridays, prayer in the mornings, and the list seems endless. I thank you all for your commitment first to Christ and then to TLC Thrift Store. A special thank you to our committed friend to the end, Paul Trask. Thank you so much for your help during our struggles, and your grace in the end. Without your help, many lives would not have been changed. I remain forever grateful.

Although I chose to thank my staff, and volunteers, they all know that without the endless stream of donations to the store, we would have had nothing! Thank you all to so many of you in the Lowcountry; it would be impossible to do individually. We can all remember the Saturday afternoons as the day grew long and the clock seemed to slow down around 4 o’clock and the last two hours of garage sale items that you all had left started showing up, and we would get a second wind and praise God for the blessings he continued to supply. He never gives up on you and I.  He will always supply your needs. We all enjoyed our customers who walked through the doors of that store, everyone was greeted, and we always looked for the opportunity to pray with everyone. So many lives were changed in the Thrift Store, God located us at the end of that little mall for his reasons.

And we all know that even the children who came to know Christ on Friday nights, and the lives that were changed through prayer were all because of the Glory of God.

Pastor Ronald G. Von Fricken

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