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Walterboro Republican group endorses Sanford

Congratulations to former SC Governor Mark Sanford for a decisive win in the SC First Congressional District runoff election. Many of us Republican voters are elated with the former governor’s smooth election campaign success in the elegant First District. Some of us Republican voters are deeply respectful of Sanford’s stellar record of resistance to hardened tax money addicts, to tax ‘n eat government, and to those who are eager to gnaw on the tax-lump. Many of us Republican voters are deeply respectful of Sanford’s iconic political career and his undeniable valuable trove of political skill and political acumen. Mark Sanford has the wealth of political experience that we desperately need to represent us in Congress and the depth of conviction to the ideal of limited government that we desperately need in Washington. The hyper-partisan, purist Republican, pro-economic development, Urban Progress Super PAC, rolling out of the cool little City of Walterboro, SC, in Colleton County, enthusiastically endorses Mark Sanford for SC-1 Congress. Please vote Mark Sanford on May 7. Thank you.

Joseph A. Murray (Black Republican) President, Urban Progress Super PAC, Walterboro, SC

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